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Information About Our Projector Lamps

100% Brand New Projector Lamps from ORIGINAL Projector Lamp Manufacturers.

We sell 100% brand new projector lamps purchased directly from original projector lamp manufacturers.

It's important to know that all the major projector manufacturers like Sony, Mitsubishi, Sanyo,Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. do not manufacture their own projector lamps. They outsource the production of their projector lamps to Philips, Ushio or Osram.

As a matter of fact, 97% of all original projector lamps are manufactured by Philips, Ushio or Osram. MPLAMPS.CO.UK sources and sells projector lamps from these manufacturers.

If you see the above label on a projector lamp pricing page(example), it indicates the projector lamp being sold is manufactured by Philips, Osram or Ushio.

Many lamps sold online are not ORIGINAL quality, and it's not always easy to tell whether or not your projector lamp comes from Philips, Ushio or Osram or if it's made in China by an imitation projector lamp manufacturer.

Don't Be Misled! Many Websites Do NOT Sell Original Projector Lamps!.

If you buy a projector lamp made in China by an imitation manufacturer, it may cause significant damage to your projector, void the warranty and/ or leave you with a lamp that's not bright enough or won't last. If the imitation projector lamp dies after 200-300 hours, you will have to buy another lamp within three months and this will be more expensive for you in the long run. Most projector lamps have the name of the manufacturer stamped on the projector lamp globe. If there isn't a brand name stamped on the bulb you will know you purchased an imitation projector lamp.

MPLAMPS.CO.UK has the lowest prices in the UK for Philips, Ushio and Osram projector lamps and we will beat any online price for comparable products.

MPLAMPS.CO.UK opened for business in February of 2005 and supplies projector lamps for over 8,000 LCD and DLP projectors and we're the first online retailer of bare projector bulbs. Please visit our information section for more information about our company.
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