Sony VPL-HW45ES Projector Lamp with Module

Technical Information

Brand Sony
Projector Model VPL-HW45ES
Lamp Part Number See "Alternative Lamp ID's"
Type Projector Lamp with Module
Internal SKU # MPLL10413

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F.A.Q. #1

Does this module match my projector?

See "Suitable Projectors" Above.

F.A.Q. #2

Is it as good as the bulb that came with my projector originally?

It is exactly the same quality, it is not an imitation lamp.

F.A.Q. #3

If I buy this item and find out it is the wrong item or doesn't work for any reason, can I get an exchange or refund?

EXCHANGES: You can return a lamp for exchange within 180 days of purchase. REFUNDS: You can return the lamp for ANY REASON within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund. *Restock fee may apply.

Question Answered

Do you sell the lamp filter for MPLL10413 as well? Asked by Blair M. On Sep 10, 2020

We would need the projector model to check availability. Please call our customer service for assistance.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Sep 22, 2020

Question Answered

how do I know when it is time to replace the lamp? Asked by Jeff P. On Jan 05, 2023

There are a few ways to know it is time to replace your lamp. Your projector itself may not be turning on because of a lamp related issues like overheating. For that, check your projector's LED indicator lights and your projector's manual to see what the indicator lights mean. You might have used the lamp over the average amount of hours, 2500 hours, so it may be time to replace it. If you don't replace the lamp, the lamp will start to dim or worse it will blow or become blown. If you have anymore questions, then check out our blog on this topic, WHEN SHOULD YOU REPLACE YOUR PROJECTOR LAMP? :

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 06, 2023

I was watching my Sony projector and all the sudden the lamp blew. Will I be able to replace the bulb now?

Answered by Jason B. On Oct 05, 2023

Yes, you will need to replace the lamp for your projector. Which bulb do you have?

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Oct 06, 2023

Question Answered

Is the Sony VPL-HW45ES lamp the same one Sony sells on their website? Does it have mercury in it? And what is the difference between the HW65ES and the HW45ES? Asked by Frank R. On Aug 19, 2021

We sell the MyProjectorLamps Branded Version of the Sony LMP-H210, and it is identical in quality to the Sony branded version. We use the exact OEM bulb in our modules. UHP bulbs, designed by Philips Lighting, use a tiny amount of mercury vapor that ignites to create a super bright light. The Sony VPL-HW65ES and the VPL-HW45ES are two different projector models. They have other specifications. However, they both use the exact replacement called Sony LMP-H210. The internal MyProjectorLamps SKUis the MPLL10413.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Aug 25, 2021

Lamps also tend to colour shift towards the end of their life, so it is a good idea to replace the lamp before it totally fails.

Answered by David B. On Sep 20, 2023

Yes, please replace the bulb before it dies. We sell a bulb, Sony LMP-H210, internal SKU: #MPLL10413.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Sep 21, 2023

Question Answered

Does this lamp come with the original housing? Asked by Kunal A. On Dec 31, 2020

The lamp we offer for the SONY VPL-HW45ES is a 100% OEM bulb enclosed in our own MyProjectorLamps branded module. It will also come in a MyProjectorLamps branded box. We are able to obtain a full OEM lamp with the original bulb, original housing, and original packaging as well.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 24, 2021

Question Answered

Is this a Sony lamp, and not a generic part? I'm worried that generic parts may damage the system and not receive the full life of the part as you would with a name-brand part? Also, is it complete with the housing? Asked by Rohan J. On Jan 16, 2021

This is not a Sony OEM lamp in a Sony Box. This is a MyProjectorLamps replacement lamp for the Sony LMP-H210 with the applicable projector models. The good thing is that we use the original Philips bulb on the inside, which is exactly the same bulb Sony uses. So you are not compromising quality! We also offer a 180-day warranty and have been around for 15 years.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 28, 2021

Question Answered

I am looking at buying a projector lamp LMP-H210 for my new Sony Projector. Does this lamp come with the filter pad please? Regards, Glynn Eyre Asked by Glynn E. On Jan 25, 2019

We have the projector lamp LMP-H210 you need, in stock! The lamp will not come with a replacement filter pad, but please contact us as we can special order one for you.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps On May 02, 2019

Question Answered

Is the pricing in Canadian dollars? Asked by Sean F. On Nov 03, 2019

No, but if go to the "Country" selection at the top right of this webpage, then you can change the country to Canada. After which, you can search the SKU# MPLL10413 on the Canadian part of the MyProjectorLamps website. There you should find the Canadian pricing or you can convert the USD into Canadian dollars.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 11, 2022

Question Answered

Do you have this lamp in stock? If not, what would be the delivery date? Asked by Mark D. On Dec 02, 2019

Please contact our sales team: to see this bulb is in stock.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jul 05, 2022

Question Answered

Is the SONY Projector Lamp module, VPL-HW45 the same module as the VPL-45ES? Asked by TOPE S. On Jan 19, 2020

Yes, the Sony VPL-HW45 and Sony VPL-HW45ES are similar projector models that use the same lamp, Lamp ID: LMP-H210.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 11, 2022

Question Answered

This would be a replacement. I keep getting an on screen message to change the bulb, but I've been using it for 3600 hours. Isn't it supposed to last 6000 hours? Asked by Christopher J. On Apr 10, 2020

Yes, but there are a few factors as to why the lamp life has diminished. Environment and usage, if you use the bulb and projector in hot room, the lamp life will raise. If you use the bulb and projector for long periods of time, then the lamp life won't be as long. You should replace the bulb and think about these factors when using your replacement bulb. Keep the old bulb as a spare in case the new one blows or gets damaged. If you're still having problems with your new bulb, it may be the projector. Contact our customer support: 1-888-785-2677 for any more bulb related questions.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Feb 07, 2022

Question Answered

I have the lamp assembly in my Sony VPL-HW45ES projector . Is the message to change light bulb correct? It was supposed to last 6K hours on low light and 3.6K is under 6K. Asked by Christopher J. On Apr 10, 2020

No, the lamp is supposed to last 6,000 hours, so it may be your assembly that is broken or a piece in it needs replacing. Unless you used the projector and bulb for long periods of time or kept them in a hot room, which would increase the lamp hours.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 11, 2022

Question Answered

what is the run time for this lamp, Sony LMP-H210? Asked by Utpal D. On May 21, 2020

The run time or lamp hours for the Sony VPL-HW4SE projector is 6000 hours, with the lamp number Sony LMP-H210 or Internal SKU#: MPLL10413.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 27, 2022

Question Answered

Is this everything I need to replace the bulb for my Sony VPL-HW45ES projector and module? Asked by Terry H. On Jun 23, 2020

Yes, the module for the Sony VPL-HW45ES projector comes with the housing unit and a bulb, but you will also need a PHILIPS screwdriver to remove the screws from the bottom of the projector lamp cover.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 11, 2022

Question Answered

Can I order a filter pad as well for my VPL-HW65ES through you. How much for the filter? Asked by David S. On Mar 26, 2023

We do not sell filter pads or air filters, but if you contact our customer support: 1800-646-091, then we sell them on a special case basis.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Mar 27, 2023

Question Answered

Czy sprzedajecie również same żarówki do lampy LMP-H210 Asked by Jerzy P. On Nov 23, 2023

Nie, na naszej stronie internetowej nie sprzedajemy samych żarówek ani gołych żarówek, ale jeśli zadzwonisz do naszej linii obsługi klienta: 1-888-785-2677, być może sprzedają gołą żarówkę.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Nov 23, 2023

Question Answered

Does this Sony LMP-H210 bulb fit the Sony VPL-HW45 model or is there a difference between that and the Sony VPL-HW45ES model? Asked by john m. On Dec 21, 2021

Yes, the MyProjectorLamps SKU MPLL10413, which is also known as Sony part number LMP-H210 will fit into both the VPL-HW45 and the VPL-HW45es. There is a minor difference between the VPL-HW45 and the ES models, however, the bulb is the same.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Dec 30, 2021

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